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Volschendorf Enterprise Pvt Ltd. is one of the leading suppliers of specialty nutritional products for animal industry with more focus on poultry feed supplements and additives. Being an animal nutrition company, Volschendorf develops and produces feed additives, supplements and premixes and services for healthy and profitable animals.

Volschendorf went on to become a recognized company through the sheer hard work of the owners and employees. Participating in major conferences, seminars and exhibitions to showcase their products and meet different industry people associate with industry associations to make its voice heard all over were just a part of company activities.
Volschendorf is focussed on serving the animal feed industry with new and advanced solutions and thereby happy farmer and customer in return.

Our Recognitions
Some of or featured products
ADDIVIT Blend Addivit Ese-H Immunite Pellbind
ADDIVIT BLEND’s are customised vitamin formulations of superior quality, coated, individual vitamins which complies... ADDIVIT BLEND ESe-H is a potent immune-stimulator for boosting immunity in all stress related conditions like vaccination... Immunite is a best quality perfect bend and accurate combination of immunity boosting nutrients to... Pellbind is natural and thermostable unique blend of pellet binding ingredients for high quality pelleting...
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